I first met Margo Mikell in 2017, a very kind and understanding lady. I ws completely stressed out as I have a disabled husband who is very difficult to live with at times. Sometimes, I found it hard to face the day in front of me. Margo spoke to me about her Radionic treatment and I agreed to have a go...!


I am now a different person, stronger in mind and able to face all the challenges in front of me.


Margo is very professional and I cannot thank her enough for the help she has given me. I really would recommend anyone to have Radionic treatment sooner than taking tablets.

JR 2020




My dog, Grace, had some complications from her spaying operation in Romania directly before she travelled to me. I had worked with it myself for a while and had some progress and then it started to get worse again. I asked Margo for some help with her. The radionics made a lot of improvements in Grace and finally also pushed out the last bit of stitch, which my vet could pull out in its entirety (complete with big knot) and so the external wounds started to heal within days. The radionics supported her own healing ability, which was badly knocked by the operation and complications. It really picked her up.

VAW October 2019




I slipped and fell heavily onto my wrist that I had broken four years previously, thankfully this time not broken but very badly jarred and bruised. It hurt a lot. Again Margo came to the rescue with her Radionics and within 12 hours the pain had reduced to a dull ache. Another boost of radionics and it had almost gone completely and the next day or so it did go completely. I tried several other things to bring the pain down but the Radionics did the trick and so quickly. Thank you so much Margo!

VAW August 2019




Several months ago, I was very concerned about my husband’s health as it appeared as though he was having a nervous breakdown due to severe stress caused by various reasons.  A friend suggested I contact a Radionic Practitioner in Lincolnshire, namely:  Mrs Margo Anderson Mikell.  Mrs Mikell spent some time taking full details and a history of my husband’s condition. Using Radionics, combined with her Dowsing techniques, Mrs Mikell decided on a course of treatment which was very clearly explained in detail to my husband.


Within approximately two to three weeks, I could see improvements in my husband’s condition and this continued for a further few weeks until he fully recovered.  During this time, we had full support from Mrs Mikell.

FJ February 2017



In December 2017, we bought a Poodle puppy direct from a breeder.  However, this little puppy, named Bobby, presented many health issues, both physically and emotionally. 


Our Vet said that Bobby had “a very poor start in life”  i.e. he suffered with worms, constant diahorrea, serious ear infection, emaciated etc.  The vet prescribed, pain killers, antiobiotics, kaolin pre- & pro-biotics.  Unfortunately, the prescription drugs had little effect on Bobby so I asked Mrs Mikell for assistance.


Bobby was absolutely uncontrollable due to his ill health but Mrs Mikell used her Dowsing techniques to establish what treatments would benefit Bobby.  The results of the Dowsing were transmitted Radionically to Bobby and gradually over a course of approximately four weeks, significant changes took place.


As a result of Mrs Mikell’s treatment, Bobby became a very calm dog who was a pleasure to live with.

RJ January 2018

Customer experience after radionics and vibrational therapy.


As a result of continued stress, I approached Margo to see if Radionics could benefit me.  In the same way of helping my husband, she was also able to get me back to full fitness.


We are extremely grateful to Margo for her professionalism and caring and I would like to offer my thanks and appreciation to her.  


I would have no hesitation in recommending Margo for her Radionic treatments.

JW October 2017