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~ All Reiki classes now include Holy Fire II ~


At this present time, the world is in desperate need of healing and

perhaps this is why so many people are being drawn to Reiki

for themselves and others aswell as our animal companions.


What is Reiki?


Reiki is a simple healing method which can assist in bringing peace, harmony and balance into your life.  Using this gentle and powerful energy, enables you to help your friends and family as well as yourself.


Mikao Usui created the original Japanese Reiki system in the early part of the 20th century in Japan which he called:


"the secret method of inviting happiness through

many blessings"


Who Can Learn Reiki?

 Anyone .......


Anyone who is interested in Healing can learn Reiki. You don't have to study or learn Reiki, all you need to do is become attuned to Reiki 








Reiki is not connected to

any religion.





A Reiki attunement activates your healing energy which starts a cleansing or clearing process and then opens up the mind, body and spirit.  



Reiki Courses


Training courses are either with small groups or on a one-to-one basis; this enables the course to be tailored to the personal requirements and pace of the students. The in-depth Reiki training also includes considerable follow-up support and guidance.  You will receive an extremely comprehensive and professional manual which is highly informative and easy to read.


Usui Reiki is taught in four levels with each level being complete in itself. Many people will only wish to study the Reiki First Degree while some go on to do the Reiki Second Degree, Advanced Reiki Training (Reiki 3A) and Master/Teacher level.


Audio CDs


An Audio CD accompanies the manual for Reiki First Degree level which provides original guided meditations that help you through the daily energy practices including the self-treatment meditation taught by Mikao Usui.  So, instead of trying to read and follow the instructions in your manual, you can simply listen to the CD and follow the instructions. 


The CD helps to make the daily energy practices and meditations easy and straightforward enabling them to be maintained on a daily basis as well as enhancing your study, meditation and practice of Reiki.






Practitioners from other disciplines are encouraged to consider Reiki training, e.g: Shiatsu, Aromatherapy and Reflexology etc. Experience has shown that the effectiveness of other therapies is greatly enhanced when combined with Reiki.


Each level of training covers many aspects in the art of healing.  At each level you will receive the relevant Certificate together with ongoing backup, assistance and support.