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Radionics and Vibrational Medicine


Margo Anderson Mikell


Radionics: The Science of the Future?


Radionics is a form of complementary healing in which your Practitioner broadcasts clearly defined healing energies direct to you, irrespective of the distance involved. It is a form of vibrational healing which checks the imbalances within the physical body.  These imbalances can then be treated using frequencies from radionics, flower and gem essences, crystals and colour.


Radionics is suitable for people of all ages and treats every person as an individual. It is accepted as a complementary healing therapy for humans and animals.


Radionic instruments can clearly identify and treat imbalances in the energy field.  These imbalances lie behind the physical or psychological symptoms and contribute to illness and disease.


As Radionics is a form of Vibrational Medicine, the different muscles and cells of the body are each seen as having a unique frequency. Stress, accidents, toxins, injury and many other factors, such as fear or past negative experiences, can all impact on the physical body and emotional well-being, or behaviour.  Each of these factors can affect the equilibrium of the body due to the unique frequencies involved.


Radionics can be effective in the treatment of many conditions such as the following:-


chronic and acute illnesses, respiratory, digestive,

skeletal and muscular problems, allergies, injuries etc.


The many causes which have contributed to a condition may be identified using bio-energetic patterns which help to detect and identify the energetic and regulatory disturbances before symptoms appear.  A remedy will be formulated to alleviate the cause.  These are different in every individual, as our genetic make-up is totally unique.  You may also be given advice on nutrition and lifestyle as we work on a holistic approach.


Prior to a Radionic analysis being carried out, clients (or animal owners), are asked to complete a Case History form, and give their consent for the analysis to be carried out.


Radionics is not a substitute for veterinary care and I require assurance that veterinary advice has been sought, and that the animal is under the care of a vet. As a complementary therapy, Radionics works in conjunction with orthodox medicine and other complementary therapies.


All information provided is kept in strict confidence and I maintain the highest ethical standards at all times.


For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


The Legal Part:

Radionics is classified as a complementary therapy, which means that it should be used as a supplement to conventional medical care and not as a substitute for it.  Experience indicates that Radionics can help to speed recovery from illness and to maintain good health.