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As well as Bach Flower Remedies, Findhorn Essences,

  and Australian Bush Flower Essences, I have

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Bach Flower Remedies, Findhorn Essences

Bach Flower Remedies

Dr. Edward Bach was a Homeopathic Doctor as well as a Harley Street Doctor. He felt that people could take responsibility for their own health if they were given a simple method of doing this. He went on to devise a system which categorised various states of mind.  Dr. Bach's remedies work to stimulate the body's own natural ability to heal itself.

Dr. Edward Bach's homeopathic remedies

Dr. Bach was one of the first to bring flower essence therapy back into the mainstream in the 1930’s when he began solely using flower essences on patients as well as himself, completely discarding his former work as a medical surgeon and pathologist. At that time, he moved away from the city life of London and into the countryside to work more directly with the flowers. 


The 38 Bach Flower Remedies are plant and flower based which can help manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Each remedy aids a specific emotion and they can be taken individually or mixed together.


Research into the links between emotions and the immune system supports the view that emotional and physical health are linked.


Bach Flower Remedies can help you take control of the way you feel. I have used and worked with Bach Flower Remedies for many years and they form a large part of my therapy work. My human, as well as my animal clients, have greatly benefited from the use of this wonderful and amazing system of healing.


Bach Flower remedies

According to the Flower Essence Society, they are floral infusions (into water) that uniquely address emotional and mental aspects of wellness.


In essence, the consciousness, from the flowers are imprinted into water and are then consumed by the person.


Since flower essences work on the vibrational aspect of our being, they are completely safe to use with either herbs or pharmaceutical drugs, as the latter two substances work on the biochemical part of our being.  Many holistic doctors advise using both herbs and flower essences together, as they create a synergistic healing effect.

flower remedies work on the biochemical part of our being

Flower Essences; What Are The Effects?

The effects vary from person to person, but in general, lead to a shift in awareness or understanding about a situation.  Flower essences help to deal with the emotional or mental aspects of wellness. These remedies help us to see the underlying emotional blocks or challenges that are holding us back.


Flower essences help to address the emotional aspects of our health challenges, so that we may transcend them both emotionally and physically. 


Sometimes the effects of flower essences are felt immediately. Other times, it may take weeks for someone to notice a change.


These remedies are subtle but that doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful!  and they work very gently. 


Dr. Edward Bach described the effects of flower essences beautifully: 

“The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…they cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature, in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine.”