Radionics treatments and how they are used

One of the great advantages of Radionics therapy and energy balancing of subjects using intrinsic data fields is that the practitioner does not require the presence of the client, either for analysis or treatment.

A thorough analysis of the client's energy pattern is carried out by looking at all the systems and structures of the body to see how well they are functioning.  The aim of this is to establish the underlying cause of the client's illness or dis-ease and this is performed by dowsing.


Energy balancing of the human, or animal body, uses Intrinsic Data Fields which occur around everything and contain all the information about what is inside that field.  These energy imbalances are reflected through our health issues.


Radionics is an advanced technique to remove imbalances and blockages caused by subconscious stress.  Anxiety and stress are linked together in the subconscious mind and can seem almost random.  You may not really know why the anxiety is there or what is actually causing it.  When past events or emotions are unresolved and unacknowledged, they will most likely continue to affect the subconscous mind.


With the aid of a pendulum, together with the instrument, an individual programme can then be designed to eliminate any imbalance which may be present within the body.  Although difficult to comprehend, the distance of the client is irrelevant as the Radionic instrument acts as a direct transmitter to the client.


radionics treatment


Radionic treatment would take place depending on the requirement and severity of the condition.  Unlike other therapies, the client does not require to make regular appointments which means that the treatment can be used regardless of your location, either here in the UK or anywhere else in the world.


Radionics is also suitable for animals and plants and has been used by pet owners and farmers for decades.  Radionics may also be used for domestic pets, a flock of birds or for a complete herd of animals.


Gardeners have also utilised the facility of Radionics for many years as it can be used alongside conventional methods of cultivation.  It may be used for a single specimen or plants, or trees or for gardens, greenhouses or fields.