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 following organisations:

UK Reiki Federation 


          Healer Member


Reiki Second Degree


At Reiki 2 level, you will be attuned to work with the following three Reiki Symbols:


The Power Symbol

intensifies the Reiki Energy by focusing the energy on a particular area during a treatment;

energising food and water as well as flowers and plants.



The Mental & Emotional Symbol

helps to: balance the right and left sides of the brain; enhance spiritual and emotional growth;

it can also be used for healing unwanted or addictive habits.




    The Distance Symbol

    This symbol bridges time and space therefore it can be used to heal emotional wounds from the past; or connect with events in the future; it can empower the realisation of goals; to send healing to others.  


      As well as learning about the Reiki symbols, course content also includes the following:-

      How to set up in practice as a Reiki Practitioner, including

              - Record Cards, Consent Forms, Insurance Details etc etc.

      How to perform Reiju Ho

      The power of intent

      Beaming & radiating Reiki

      How to use the Reiki Symbols

      Using Reiki Symbols with Jin Shin Jyutsu

      Space Clearing and protection