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Karuna Reiki®


In order to study Karuna Reiki®, the student must hold a certificate at Advanced Reiki Training or Reiki 3 level. It is necessary to have been working at this level for some time in order to assimilate the higher energies involved.


Karuna is a Sanskrit word which can be translated to mean 'any action taken to diminish the suffering of others' or 'compassionate action'.


Most students find this system much more powerful than Usui Reiki and the symbols easy to learn.



Practitioner I

(4 symbols)


Learn to help heal karmic issues, cellular memory, relationships, break up negative patterns in the unconscious, develop good habits, clear rooms of negative energies - and more.



Practitioner II

(4 symbols)


Develop stronger links with the Higher Self, improve learning abilities, creativity and communication skills, ability to prioritise, help heal co-dependent and addictive behaviours, heal the earth - and more.






Practitioner I and II

(combined course) 


These levels are taken together. The course includes the origins of Karuna Reiki®, activating symbols, hands-on practical work, healing the shadow self, working more closely with Guides and Ascended Masters; chanting and toning (healing with sound).

Karuna Reiki® Master I and II


This level is open to those who have taken Reiki Master training and who have been working at the Master level. It includes all the above plus four Master symbols, chanting and toning with all the symbols, more practical work, instruction and practice in giving attunements for all levels, as well as how to teach Karuna Reiki® as a four level programme or three day intensive.


All levels are accompanied by manual(s) and certificate(s) as appropriate. Registration is with the International Center for Reiki Training, USA under William Lee Rand. Registered Karuna Reiki® Practitioners and Masters also receive a seal and personal registration number for the certificate(s).