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Bach Flower Remedies


Dr. Edward Bach was a Homeopathic Doctor as well as a Harley Street Doctor. He felt that people could take responsibility for their own health if they were given a simple method of doing this. He went on to devise a system which categorised various states of mind.  Dr. Bach's remedies work to stimulate the body's own natural ability to heal itself.









The 38 Bach Flower Remedies are plant and flower based which can help manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Each remedy aids a specific emotion. They can be taken individually or mixed together.


Research into the links between emotions and the immune system supports the view that emotional and physical health are linked.


Bach Flower Remedies can help you take control of the way you feel.   I have used and worked with Bach Flower Remedies for many years and they form a large part of my therapy work. My human as well as my animal clients have greatly benefited from the use of this wonderful and amazing system of healing.